About me

So, Serge Julien! Born in Delft, 1974, but a hardcore citizen of the city The Hague (Den Haag) since 1977. Epicurean with passions for music, writing, travelling and México. Next to it, I love to play guitar, surf the internet, use social media, look up to the sky when I hear a plane flying by, relax at the movies, read something before I go to sleep, enjoy nice food with a good glass of wine and I admire art in a museum.

Since my teenage years I enjoy writing, especially from a journalistic point of view. This love emerged from my passion for music that got me hooked when I was eleven years old. At secondary school I wrote articles about my music heroes for the school paper.

Career Government
However my professional career took a different turn than expected: after receiving my diploma for secondary school I soon  settled for a job at the Government where I learned every aspect about archive and record management followed by a career. But there are similarities to writing, editing and journalism: in the world of archive and record management you collect, select, structure, retrieve and supply information. Working as a copywriter, editor and journalist it’s not any different: you collect facts, you make relevant selections, you arrange, retrieve and structure the information and publish it as a clear en reliable article for the reader.

Writing virus
In 2006 the writing virus caught me again when in my spare time I picked up music journalism for the online magazine Cultuurpodium Online. I interviewed many national and international artists like for example Joe Satriani, Sabrina Starke, Steve Lukather, Joe Sample and Wouter Hamel. Also I reported about numerous concerts from pop to rock, from soul to reggae and from jazz to world.

The love for journalism mostly focused on music and culture. Though I also wrote about other subjects. For example I worked as a web editor for the Department of Security and Justice and Rabobank. Currently as a writer and editor I also work in different fields, though I will always have a warm heart for subjects like music, culture and travel.

Roffa Soul Sisters
In the summer of 2012 top photographer Eric van Nieuwland and I released the book Roffa Soul Sisters. A collection of interviews with ten representative female singers from the Rotterdam music scene like Sabrina Starke, Shirma Rouse, Kim Hoorweg, Ntjam Rosie and Sherry Dyanne among others. With this book Van Nieuwland and I support the wonderful music scene in Rotterdam. On my website you’ll find more information about our book.

Music management
Besides my passion for music editing and journalism, I’m also a typical initiator and helper. With my love for music the idea arose to get busy music management focusing on promotion and bookings.