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Zelfportret BWText and editing
Dutch is a pretty difficult language when it comes to grammar, word order and spellings. I help you with clear and understandable texts, keeping your target group in mind.

Also I find it important to write actively. This way the texts come alive. Result: easy and quickly reading. Why make it hard when you can do it simple? Besides you want your reader or customer to understand quickly what you want to tell or sell.

I offer different services: writing or editing texts for the internet, brochures, theses. bio’s and press releases. When you decide to hire me as a web editor, I also help you to improve the quality of the words in the content for search engines to attract more potential customers.

No journalistic product is the same. It varies by subject, form, size and time. You want a light weight interview or something with depth? You want a background story containing four or eight pages? You want a report or a review? Before I start I first discuss about what you exactly wish for. After that we determine a price.

In the next column you’ll find a summary of the different services I provide. You’re welcome to take a look.

Do you have any questions or do you want more information? Call me at +31 6 211 414 16 or send a message via the contact form on the webpage.

Web editorial
- writing, reviewing and editing texts;
- writing short catchy texts for social media;
- publish, edit en manage content (texts, photo’s and video’s) in a CMS (experienced with Tridion, Sitecore, WordPress, knowlegde of Drupal and TYPO3);
- improve the quality and content of web pages to aim for more relevant visitors and consumers (SEO/search engine optimalization);
- develop a user research tool.
Hour rate: 55,00 euro

Content migration
Hour rate: 45,00 euro

Per page: 25,00 euro

Text writing
Per page (maximum 500 words): 50,00 euro

Copy writing
Per page (maximum 400 words): 55,00 euro

Press releases
Writing a press release: 65,00 euro
Editing a press release: 35,00 euro

Texts for intra/internet
Per web page (maximum 350 words): 45,00 euro
Editing a web page (maximum 350 words): 25,00 euro

Writing a bio: 125,00 euro
Editing a bio: 50,00 euro

250 to 500 words: 135,00 euro
500 to 1000 words: 215,00 euro
1000 to 1500 words: 275,00 euro

Dutch to English and English to Dutch.
Per page (maximum 500 words): 45,00 euro

All prices excluding VAT.