Roffa Soul Sisters

Roffa Soul SistersRoffa Soul Sisters is the title of a book I made with top photographer Eric van Nieuwland. Since 2007 we follow the music scene in the Dutch metropole Rotterdam. A multicultural hotbed of music talents featuring a lot of jazz and soul. Prominent is the large segment of female singers. Some of them achieved considerable succes like Sabrina Starke, Shirma Rouse and Kim Hoorweg, while others like Ntjam Rosie and Sherry Dyanne working their way hard to force a breakthrough.

Soul connection
For Roffa Soul Sisters I interviewed ten representative female singers from Rotterdam about their roots, motives, education and inspiration sources. The term ‘soul’ in the title has a deeper meaning then just the music genre: the vocalists in this book also flirt heavilly with pop, jazz and hip hop. It’s about the soul connection between these tough artists and therefore soul has a wider context. The singers interviewed are Nanda Akkerman, Esperanzah Denswil, Sherry Dyanne, Pam Feather, Kim Hoorweg, Ntjam Rosie, Shirma Rouse, Laise Sanches, Shirley Spoor and Sabrina Starke.

You can order the book (with optional autograps by us) for 12,50 euro by sending a message via the contact form with your name and adress. I’ll send you a conformation with payment instructions.